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Teays Valley Show Choir

Please read before viewing the photo gallery!

1) I normally only offer pre-paid sales. I am offering online sales instead of prepaid due to the nature of the Show Choir costumes. (There is more than one uniform/costume). Please do not screenshot the photos. Others may not want their photos saved and it is illegal to save images that are not paid for. If you would like your individual photo to share online, feel free to let me know after your order has been placed and I can send you one. :)  Most members had multiple photos taken so be sure to look for all of yours! I cannot sell or give digital files that are of groups/friends.

2) The photos have been "lightly edited" so you can see what they will look like due to this being an online gallery. Images that are purchased, will have full edits done on them (teeth whitened, full extraction from the original background, and anything else I notice that needs further editing). I've worked very hard from start to finish but the final product will include final edits.

3) You will NOT put your credit/debit card info into the gallery site. You will order from the site. I will receive an email of what you would like to order and then I will send you an invoice that you will need to pay asap. Orders that are not paid will not be filled so remember to check your email. :) You do not have to order a package to order from A la Carte. You can add eye glass glare removal from under special services. My logo will not be printed on your order.

4) I am keeping the gallery open for one week (until Saturday Feb 4). All orders will be processed together. All orders will be delivered to the school in one delivery. 

5) Place your order by Wednesday Feb. 1st and receive 10% off your order with code TVShowChoir

6) There will be one retake/make up day at my downtown Circleville studio. This date will be announced.

7) Feel free to send me an email, text or Facebook message to my business page if you have any questions! I am a Teays Valley graduate and am so proud, happy and excited to be the school sports, band and show choir photographer. I am very grateful and enjoy working with the students and our community! Go Vikings!

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